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Welcome to Payzone Store



What Services Do Payzone Store Offer? 

Payzone store can offer you more than just groceries.  Take a look at what Payzone services mean for you.

Mobile Top-ups & SIMs

Top-up your mobile and buy SIM cards and various international calling cards for major mobile network providers such as EE, 02, Tesco Mobile, Virgin Media and Vodafone.


Utilities & Bill Payments

You can pay your council tax, rent and utility bills at your local store. Payzone works with major energy and gas suppliers such as British Gas, EDF, Npower and Eon.

Transport & Ticketing

Don’t start your morning by queuing at the station. Buy bus pass and top-ups for travel cards for trains, trams and buses at your local Payzone store. Now you have more time for coffee.

Lotto & Online Gaming

Access The Health Lottery and LottoSocial, plus a selection of online gaming services.

Parcel Collections

Payzone store offer a drop off & pick up service, so you can shop online and send parcels to your local shop.

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